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Your visit to Wrestlinggo in Marayong

This is what happens when you come to family friendly wrestling in Marayong Blacktown; You will have the best time ever, Shouting and yelling is encouraged by the audience. The audience is often made up of over 50% children

Wrestling in Sydney

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All-Girl wrestling in Blacktown. March the 2nd, a Champions Battle between the Best Wrestling girls in Australia, right here in Blacktown, Sydney.

Blacktown Wrestling

The Blacktown Wrestlers

Here they are, all your favourite wrestlers in one place. For the best entertainment and the greatest action fun come and see these heroes of the wrestling world in Sydney’s hub of wrestling, Marayong near Blacktown. Pick YOUR hero

Never Been to Wrestling before?

You might be expecting drinking, swearing and general abuse. Well here at Maryong stadium arena alcohol is not allowed into the hall, swearing is forbidden, but you can abuse the wrestlers as much as you like, as long as you do it in a nice way.

When you come here you will notice there are loads of children, and we want them to feel safe secure and happy. That is why we look after them. This a family business. Mum takes the tickets on the door most days, Dad does the dodgy sausage sandwiches and drinks in the canteen, and John runs the show from the shadows.

Because we are a family, we know about family stuff, we are there for each other and we are there for you. Come down and join us for the best time in Maryong Stadium Arena, Blacktown.

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This show is about two things;

1 You and your family being fully entertained, so we make sure  every member of the family has a good time (yep, mums too), That’s why we keep it safe, keep it clean, and keep it crazy fun!

2; Great wrestling action. Come to see the best wrestlers in Sydney throw themselves around the ring, risking like and limb to entertain you and your little ones. For the best family fun on a Sunday (or Saturday) afternoon, come and watch Billy the Blade try to catch Lightening Swift, or The Monster Masher take on Mr Snotface.

This is one show you and your family don’t want to miss. For  great entertainment at a the most reasonable of prices, for fun that the children will talk about for the rest of the week, click now and get your value tickets.

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